Brian Hinchley, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Hinchley joined Table Trac in May 2011. He is an accomplished executive with over 20 years experience. Prior to joining the Company, he served as Chief Financial Officer of several privately-owned international software companies, Intercim, LLC and WorkWise, Inc. He is a graduate of the College of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Chad B. Hoehne, Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Hoehne is the President and Founder of Table Trac, Inc. He is responsible for leading the Company’s technology initiatives. He has a BS in Business Administration and Finance from Minnesota State University. Prior to founding Table Trac in 1995 he worked for a Minneapolis-based electronics and software company.

Robert Siqveland, Vice President and Director of Compliance
Mr. Siqveland joined Table Trac in 1999 and has served on the Board of Directors. He serves as Director of Compliance and Investor Relations. Prior to joining Table Trac, Mr. Siqveland was an investment advisor with Summit Investment and a venture capitalist with Property Growth Company for 25 years. Over the years he has provided seed capital to over 30 companies.